How to Handle Weather Emergencies

The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1 and ends November 30, but severe storms and weather events can happen any time of year. It’s important to have a severe weather plan in place, as well as the insurance you need to protect your home, vehicle and business.

Our local insurance agencies all have emergency plans designed to serve you even if we are relocated. Your Correll agent will be able to handle your calls and questions at any time. Check your local agency’s website or Facebook page for regular updates.

Be Prepared to Be Safe.

Follow these steps to ensure you and your family are prepared and safe before and during a severe weather event.

Plan Ahead

There is no substitute for knowing what you are going to do if you suddenly have to leave your home or if an evacuation is ordered. Consider the following:

  • Make arrangements to stay with friends or family, or book a hotel room as early as possible. Make sure your hotel room is a cancellable reservation.
  • Have a packing list of what you want to take with you (see below for tips).
  • If you have pets, make arrangements early. Many hotels will not allow them.
  • Place critical papers such as wills, deeds, trusts, etc. in a safe deposit box. Bring phone numbers in case you are separated from your phone.
  • Plan what you want to do to protect your home and valuables. Allow enough time to properly secure everything.

What to Do When You Have to Leave

What to Take

Most experts say to plan for a minimum of three days away. This will vary based on the severity of the storm and the amount of damage to your area. Take clothes, medicine, phones and chargers, and a list of key contacts and their phone numbers. This site has a useful checklist of supplies and other items you’ll want to pack:

When to Return

The safe time to return will be determined by local and state government officials. Do not return until they notify you. Our agencies will have personnel in the area early trying to assess any damage to our clients.

Be Safe

We realize these are trying times. Make sure to use reasonable care in returning. Keep in mind the danger of downed power lines that may still be active. Also, trees that have fallen or are leaning can shift. If a tree is on your home, keep a safe distance from the damaged area as debris may continue to fall. Make sure drinking water has been determined safe by the local officials.

What to Do During a Hurricane

Always evacuate if you are directed to do so or if you feel it might be unsafe to remain in your home. If you choose to remain in your home, follow these tips to help you and your family stay safe during the storm:

  • Use a portable radio to listen for important storm updates and instructions.
  • Stay inside and keep away from all windows, skylights and glass doors. Go to a safe area, such as an interior room, closet or downstairs bathroom.
  • Never go outside the protection of your home or shelter before there is confirmation that the storm has passed the area. The eye of the storm could create a temporary and deceptive lull, with high winds still approaching.
  • If power is lost, keep the refrigerator closed to keep cold air trapped and delay spoilage of perishable food.
  • If you use a portable generator follow all the manufacturer’s instructions. Generators should be properly grounded to prevent electrical shock and should never be operated indoors, in garages, basements or outdoors near any windows, doors or vents. Because generators produce carbon monoxide (CO), make sure you have a working CO detector in your home.

If you aren't sure you have the insurance you need to protect your home and/or business through a severe weather event, please give us a call. We'd love to talk to you and find an insurance solution to fit your needs.

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