COVID-19 Announcement

The Phoenix Company is committed to the health and safety of our associates and clients as we face these uncertain times with the spread of COVID-19. Our offices are open for business, but please keep in mind that we can always be reached via telephone or email. If you need to make an insurance payment, please consider either paying online or mailing a payment. We believe that social distancing is just another vital tool in preventing the spread of this virus. We are committed to protecting what matters most in our communities.

50 Years Representing Auto Owners

50 Years Representing Auto Owners

As an independent insurance agency, we represent many insurance companies.

The Phoenix Company is proud to have been a partner with Auto Owners Insurance Company for 50 years!

Here we are receiving our 50-Year plaque with our Auto Owners Marketing Representative, Shea Johnson. Thank you Auto Owners, it's been a great 50 years and we look forward to another 50!

The Phoenix Company is a member of the Correll Insurance Group, working together to bring you the best in coverage.  Visit corporate site to learn more.

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